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Small in size, Rich in heritage

While Estonia's Jewish history does not reach as far back as that of Poland or Spain, it none-the-less plays an intriguing and often surprising role in regional Jewish history and culture. On this private tour in Tallinn we will examine the Jewish facet of Estonia's history. 

Why the Jewish Tour?

Join us as we walk through Tallinn's Old Town and draw parallels between Estonian and Jewish history, discuss Jewish heritage in Tallinn (as well as in Estonia and the region in general) from the medieval period up until the modern day. We will point out the buildings where prominent Jews lived, already during the middle ages, and what life was like for different classes and ethnicities in Tallinn.

The Curiosity which is Estonia

Estonia's University of Tartu was the first university in Czarist Russia to allow Jewish students attendance; in 1927 during its first independence period, Estonia was the first country in Europe to grant its Jewish citizens full cultural autonomy (the only country in Europe at the time to allow such rights to their Jewish minority); Estonia was one of the few East European nations in the 1920s and 1930s where anti-Semitic newspapers and magazines did not find any success.    

Tallinn's synagogue - Beit Bella 

From Medieval to Modern

Due to a small Jewish population, the experience that many Jews had in Estonia was often rather different compared to those who lived in areas with larger Jewish communities. Despite this, Jews often made a name for themselves on Tallinn, whether as bakers, craftsmen, teachers, lecturers, politicians, actors or politicians, they have left a large mark on Estonian history, comparative to their size. Why not come and discover more?

The tour includes

  • A professional and friendly guide
  • A tour through the Old Town of Tallinn, focusing on Jewish history and interactions between local Estonian and Jewish communities throughout history
  • an examination of Jewish life in Estonia over the past centuries and how it compares to other more well-known locations (Poland, Russia, France, etc.).
  • Town Hall - outside
  • Guild Halls - outside
  • View points in the Upper Town


  • The tour can be combined with a visit to Tallinn's Synagogue and Jewish History museum (please let us know if you wish to visit these locations as they are not open every day and might need booking in advance). Car/bus service optional.

Tour expenses, duration and more

Tour duration: 2.5 hours (3.5 hours with Synagogue visit)

Tour price

Number of people1-4 people5-8 people9-12 people13-16 people
City tour€140€160€180€200
With transport€260€320€350€390
With Synagogue€310€370€400€440

NB! - does not include ticket fee to Jewish History museum

Group size: Up to 16 people (negotiable)

Starting point: Within walking distance of the Old Town (negotiable)

Ending point: Up for negotiation


To book a tour please contact us via email ( or fill out the form below. You can also call at +372 5886 5231

Please specify the tour you are interested in, as well as the date and time you would like to book it.
NB! Please inform us regarding any special needs regarding the group (e.g. walking difficulties, etc.). 
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