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Commerce, Conquests and Community

Tallinn - or Reval, as it used to be known - was once a rich and famed location for trade between east and west. A member of the Hansa and a city of thousands, this prized location drew the gaze of many conquers of the ages. 

Why take the history buff tour?

This tour is specifically aimed at those more inclined towards the intricate details of history. The "why," the "how," and the "when," are just the beginning. Find out how life functioned in Tallinn, what goods passed through the city, what role did the guilds play, what was the punishment for "shaving" coins and how did the reformation change society. From the viking era to the collapse of the Soviet Union, this tour will give you a thorough look into Tallinn's past.  

Upper Town

For centuries, this part of Tallinn was home to the nobility, with highborn families ranging from German to Danish, Russian to Swedish, as well as Scottish and French calling it their home. Learn who were the Baltic Germans, visit spectacular viewpoints looking down on the Lower Town and get a chance to compare Orthodox and Lutheran churches.  

Toompea palace and part of the old caste (Tall Hermann tower)

Lower Town

As the medieval city's center of trade and commerce, not to mention home to the majority of the settlement's population, the Lower Town was the heart of Old Tallinn for well over 600 years and continues to play an important role to this day.  
A view onto the Lower Town from Patkuli viewpoint (Upper Town)

Medieval Pharmacy (optional)

Tallinn boasts the oldest still functioning pharmacy in all of Europe. It is possible to visit this establishment should the group wish it and see what medicines have been used in Tallinn over the centuries. For an extra price (see below) it is possible to taste some klarett (a medieval red wine-based drink) and get a more thorough look at the building and hear its history. 
One of the rooms of the pharmacy

City Wall

As an important center for trade on the Baltic, Tallinn needed to be well fortified. The wall, built and expanded over several centuries, is a must see site during any visit to Tallinn. The types of towers used developed hand-in-hand with the development of siege weapons and Tallinn has many towers to show from various centuries using different building techniques for defense. 

Inside of the medieval town wall

Guild Halls

Often regarded as medieval workers' unions, the guilds were the basis of medieval urban economy. Their grand halls can be found decorating the streets of the Old Town to this very day. How they functioned and what they did will be explored during the tour.
(optional entrance to Great Guild Hall, 8 EUR per person)

Entrance to the Great Guild Hall

Town Hall

Dating back to 1404, Tallinn's Town Hall is the oldest surviving town hall in the Scandinavian and Baltic region. From this building, the Lower Town was governed for centuries, independed on the Upper Town. 
(optional entrance to Town Hall, 8 EUR per person)

Tallinn's medieval Town Hall

Included in the Tour

  • An in-depth look at Estonian history
  • A through analysis of how everyday-life functioned in Tallinn
  • A look at the most important buildings in Tallinn, including the Town Hall, the guild halls, House of the Brotherhood of the Blackheads, the city wall, the most significant churches and the main government structures.
  • Alexander Nevsky cathedral (entrance) 
  • Dome Church (entrance)
  • Viewpoint in the Upper Town
  • Danish King's Garden
  • St Nicholas church (outside)
  • Town Hall Pharmacy
  • Guild Halls (outside; optional entrance to Great Guild Hall)
  • Town Hall and Town square (optional entrance)

Tour expenses, duration and more

Tour duration: 3,5-4 hours

Tour price in euros:

Number of people1-1011-1213-1415-16
Tour price€185€195€205€210
+ Great Guild Hall€8 p.p
€8 p.p
€8 p.p
€8 p.p
+ Town Hall€8 p.p
€8 p.p
€8 p.p
€8 p.p

Group size: Up to 16 people (negotiable)

Starting point: Within walking distance of the Old Town (negotiable)

Ending point: Inside the Old Town (specific location negotiable)


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NB! Please inform us regarding any special needs regarding the group (e.g. walking difficulties, etc.).   
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