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Forests and Feudalism

An eye-opening private tour to Lahemaa national park. These ancient forests and untouched mires hold many secrets of the fay-creatures that call it their home. The centuries old manor houses speak, at the same time, of both rich aristocratic history and centuries of oppression.

Why Choose Lahemaa?

This is a great tour to learn of life in Estonia's countryside centuries ago, as well as of our rich flora and fauna. An easy hike through Viru bog and a visit to an old manor house, as well as many other locations, will give a varied look at Estonia's heritage.

Stone burialsites

Our first stop will be at a pagan era burial site, dating back to the Bronze Age. Learn of how Estonian's were buried, what grave goods were buried with them, how ancient Estonian's perceived the afterlife and what set them apart from the rest of Europe. 
Stone coffin burials near Rebala

Viru Bog

Bogs were centuries locations where the fay - shadow people - were believed to live. Yet despite the dangers, many made these marshy lands their home during times of rebellion and warfare.
An easy trek for beginners, Viru bog has an easily navigable wooden walkway leading up to an observation tower. The trek is more of a leisurely stroll, but comfortable and weather appropriate foot-ware is still recommended.  
A look at Viru bog


Location of one of Estonian's oldest mentioned manor complexes, Palmse was also the first to have its complex of structures fully renovated, already during the late Soviet period. Hear tales of the nobles who lived here, their intrigues (including a plot on the life Czar Paul I of Russia), and their eventual downfall. 
The current manor house at Palmse


An old quaint fishing village, first mentioned in the 14th century, which has gone through monumental changes throughout the 20th century. Hear of its rise and fall from the golden era of alcohol smuggling to great depopulation during the Soviet Union. 
The coast near Altja

Included in the tour

  • Private and comfortable transport 
  • A professional and friendly tour guide
  • An experienced driver
  • Stop at an ancient burial site near Rebala
  • A visit to Palmse manor
  • a quick stop at the old fishing village of Altja
  • a hike in Viru bog including a visit to an observation tower. The path is smooth and easily traversable
  • enough time for a quick lunch stop at own expense (max 45-60min)

Tour expenses, duration and more

Tour duration: 6-7 hours (depending on the weather and traffic)

Tour price

1 person2 people3  people 4  people 5 people 6 people 7  people 8  people
€360 €510
€ 560

Group size: 2-5 (larger groups of up to 28 possible with advance notice)

Starting point: Tallinn (specific location is negotiable)

Ending point: Tallinn (specific location is negotiable)

NB!: Comfortable footwear is recommended


To book a tour please contact us via email ( or fill out the form below. You can also call at +372 5886 5231

Please specify the tour you are interested in, as well as the date and time you would like to book it.

NB! Please inform us regarding the number of people who wish to take part and any special needs regarding the group (e.g. walking difficulties, etc.).   
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